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Powder coatings

Thermoplastics-based coating systems, products of  PLASCOAT (www.plascoat.com).

PLASCOAT offers the widest range of thermoplastic finishes for metalwork that are suitable for decorative, anti-corrosion or other functional engineering purposes.

  • excellent adhesion to substrate,
  • good weathering or chemical resistance properties.
Plascoat NG 10 and NG 30 
Plascoat PPA  600 and 800 
Plascoat PVC  
Plascoat PPA 571 
Plascoat Talisman 
Plascoat Deconil  

Thermosetting powder coatings, products of RIPOL (www.ripol.com)

RIPOL produces solid state powder coatings and therefore they do not pollute the atmosphere, are ready for use, easy to apply, high yielding, easy to store and non inflammable. RIPOL has various types of powder coatings, such as epoxies, hybrids and polyesters. They come in all RAL colours or tailor made according to the customer's requests, with various gloss levels from high gloss to matt and the most various of finishes, such as smooth, orange peel effect, hammered effect, arabesque, wrinkling effect, metallic and mica finishes.


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