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Aluminium oxides and hydroxides

Wet And Dried Аluminium Hydrates

Big range of products with different whiteness, grain size distribution and content of moisture. Wet and dried hydrates are mainly used as raw material in the production of:

  • synthetic zeolites
  • aluminium compounds
  • glasses, ceramics, refractory
  • other chemical products

Ground, Viscosity Optimized And Fine Precipitated Hydrates

All these grades are white (whiteness > 90 %)

Ground and finely precipitated hydrates are mainly used as environmentally friendly flame retardant filler materials in the production of:

  • cable insulation
  • PVC
  • polyester resins
  • epoxy resins
  • thermoplastics
  • polyurethanes
  • water-based dispersions
  • papers
  • paints

Unground And Ground Aluminas

Ground and unground aluminas are mainly used in the production of:

  • fused white, ruby and pink corundum
  • tabular alumina
  • glazes and frits
  • glasses
  • household-ceramics
  • engineering-ceramics
  • refractories
  • polishing and abrasive materials

Alumina Types

  • Calcined aluminas
  • Ground aluminas
  • Reactive aluminas
  • Polishing aluminas





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